Aperol Spritz  Artisan sourdough & homemade wheaten bread                     £3/£4
Aperol, prosecco, orange slices  £8.50 Casablanca olives                                                                       £3.50
SHU 75  Spicy Padrón peppers                                                                                                           £4
Belfast gin, lemon juice, elderflower cordial, prosecco £8.50 Spicy Italian pork meatballs                                                       £4
Zu Thyme    
Zubrowka vodka, triple sec, apple, honey, thyme £7 STARTERS £3 
G’Vine Negroni   Potato and rosemary soup, garlic, rosemary and black pepper crumb 
G’Vine, vermouth, Campari, orange peel  £8.50 Quinoa, butternut squash and red cabbage salad, red wine dressing 
Bloody Mary  Risotto of butternut squash, parmesan, sage and shallot 
Shu spice mix, Absolut peppar, lemon, tomato £9 Rollmop herring, fennel and rocket salad 
Kilmegan Sparkling Apple Juice£3.75   
Fresh from Dundrum!  MAINS £8 
   Braised ox cheek, emerald kale, roast red onion, red wine, thyme  
   Grilled plaice, Crown Prince pumpkin, broccoli, smoked chilli butter 
   Venison sausages, slow cooked red onions and beetroot,          thyme gravy 
   Conchiglioni, roast celeriac, purple broccoli, parsley, hazelnuts, sherry vinegar 
   Peter Hannan’s Himalayan salt-aged sirloin, hand cut chips, shallot and confit garlic butter   £21
   SIDES £3.50 
   Buttery champ 
   Hand cut chips 
   Roast autumn vegetables, honey and thyme 
   Mixed salad, shallots and herbs 
   PUDDINGS £3  
   Apple and cinnamon sponge, vanilla ice cream 
   Orange and treacle tart, Clandeboye yoghurt gelato 
   Pear parfait, malt and almond crumb 
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